8th Annual Saxis Island Oyster Roast

Saturday, October16th 3:00 to 6:00 PM
at 9151 Starling Creek Rd.,, Saxis, VA (Saxis Marina)

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You have reached the offical site of the Town of Saxis, VA.
Saxis Island is located in North Accomack County in the state of Virginia. (map)
37° 55'33"N
75° 43'23"W
Saxis Island Weather and Tides
Saxis Island, which is actually a peninsula, is connected to the mainland by the Saxis Wildlife Management Area, a 5,500 acre network of pines, marshland and creeks. It is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay in North Accomack County. Captain John Smith and his crew were the first Europeans to view and map the coastline of the Saxis peninsula in 1608. At its peak, between 1910 and 1920, the population of Saxis was over 600. Its current population is approximately 220. (Saxis History)
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